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What r some of the hottest asian teen male's? list who u think they r!?
who ever u think is hot that is a male asian teen plz put them down!!
tae yang -…

jaebum -…

taec yeon -…

rain -…

lee hong ki -…

jung yong hwa-…

nickhun -…

Any hot TEEN Asian GUY celebs?
also some geeky but really cute ones?
For Japanese ones -
Matsumoto Jun
Miura Haruma
Mizushima Hiro
Hayami Mokomichi
Mukai Osamu
Ikuta Toma
Nishijima Takahiro
Takizawa Hideaki

Korean ones -
Lee Min Ho
Kim Hyun Joong
Kim Bum
Jung Ui Chul
Joo Ji Hoon
Lee Seung Ki
Ha Suk Jin

Taiwanese ones -
Vic Zhou
Vanness Wu
Wu Chun
Joe Cheng
Jiro Wang
Aaron Yan
Danson Tang
Do you think asian teens are hot????
i am thin, cheerleader built so i have the cheerleader legs that all of us seem to have. i have long dark brown hiar highlighted lighter brown. i have dark brown eyes. and dress in HCO all the time. I'm a dancer as well.
yes very much so its exotic....
What is the best comedy teen asian drama?
The drama must have the following
1. a super hot guy
2. alittle romance
3. Has to be about teens

I've already seen these dramas

hanazakari no kimitachi e (taiwan and japanese version)
Yukan club
hana yori dango (all versions)
14 sai no haha
it started with a kiss (both versions)
zettai kareshi
they kissed agian
Yo can see:
-Secret Garden (Korean)
-Coffee Prince(Korean)
-Devil Beside You(Taiwanese)
-You're Beautiful(Korean)
Wonderful Life(Korean)
-atashinchi no danshi(japanese)
-Nodame Cantabile(Japanese)
Do teen white guys often date teen asian girls?
Are the asian girls in your school pretty? Are the hot guys attracted to them?
I have a lot of Asian friends who are female with white boyfriends who are considered good-looking, I guess.

On average, I see that the guys only go for the girls who are smart, okay-looking (not super hot), and who have communication skills.

I always tell myself, since I'm Asian,"Damn, they are taking all our Asian girls!" Some of my Asian friends ONLY date white guys. LOL
What are some hot Halloween ideas for a teen girl?
It's pretty last minute and I'm trying to be something hot but not too sexy, ykwim? And I have super sexy black leather heels and leggings and I'm Asian. lol.

Look up Harajuku styles or go Lolita.
What are some good teen asian dramas with very attractive guys that aren't too slow?
My current favorite asian drama is without a doubt the Korean drama, Dream High. The first episode already had me hooked and the cast was all excellent. Taecyeon is very hot and Suzy is really pretty. Are there any other good asian dramas that involve singing, dancing, or any other kind of showbiz that are centered around students and not adults?
I also like the Taiwanese drama, Romantic Princess. It was a little slow, but nothing I couldn't handle. The Chinese adaption of Hana Yori Dango, Let's go watch Meteor Shower, on the other too slow and had to be dropped.
So are there any sweet romantic teen dramas like Dream High or Romantic Princess that always have a lot going on in each episode and include cute guys and center around students?
Thanks :]
Theres a lot I would recommend you but the love progress is kinda slow so...
-Listed by preference

Koizora (Japanese) *the movie is so much better than the series
Autumn's Concerto (Taiwanese) *main characters are in college
Boys Over Flowers (Korean verison of Hana Yori Dango)
Hi My Sweetheart (Taiwanese) *the guy is dorky looking at first but then turns hot
Goong (Korean)
Zettai Kareshi (Japanese) *very popular but not one of my favorites
Devil Beside Me (Taiwanese) *another popular one and not my cup of tea
American girls which Celebrity teen guy do you find hot?
do they have to be white or black. I know asians are not in nor are middle easterners, but why so vanillaplainchocolate?
Taylor Lautner hell yes!!!! I think some guys on disney channel are cute NOT Zac Efron. The boy who plays Fredie on iCarly is cute
I need help on who to hang out with at a teen event!!?
I need help on who to hang out with at a teen event!!?
hey there is a christian event coming up in september and I'm kind of in a crunch, I have these two really hot friends that are going to this event and I'm planning on hanging out with one or the other at this event to see how far this goes, one is a hot asian, and the other is a sexy mexican, help please!
hang out with people that obey the word of god and that don't do drugs and stuff
Do white girls give me dirty looks because I'm Asian and I'm dating a HOT white guy?
I'm an Asian girl dating a white guy, which is pretty common nowadays. But unlike most guys, my boyfriend looks like an Abercrombie model with brown hair, a gorgeous face, and a sculpted body complete with six-pack abs. Yeah, I know I'm lucky. :-)

Everywhere we go, whether it's the mall, restaurants, parks, or walking down the streets, I see so many white girls give me dirty looks. We don't get nasty looks from girls of any other races, just white girls. In fact, from all different types of white girls: teens, 20's, 30's, fat, skinny, plain, ugly, and even very pretty ones. So are they just jealous that I'm Asian and I have a hot white guy?

I think it's pretty funny that we get all these looks, but I'm also curious as to why we get them. I've heard a lot of white women say that Asian girls are ugly and date the old ugly fat white guys that no one wants, so do they get pissed when they see a really attractive white guy with a really hot Asian girl like us?
Oh well. Who cares, if they want to look let 'em look. People come in all shapes, sizes, looks. If they cant get over it that you're a beautiful asian girl with a hot white guy, then so be it. All that matters is that you're with him.

I don't care what ppl say, they can say that it's not about race, but, in our society today, yes, it is still about race. Ppl still can't get over it that there's interracial dating!

Forget about those closed minded ppl. Live it up. Anyways, ppl have their own opinions, some might say that asian girls are petite, but exotic looking, some may say asian girls are ugly and whatever else. But, those are just opinions!

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