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Don't u think The Chronicles of Narnia movies-to-be are gonna be the best movies of the decade?
I mean including The Lion,The Witch and The Wardrobe.Coz let's face it: Harry Potter was a flop full of shadows of what cud have been. Tolkein's although it looked dragged out 2 us ***** have made a fair representation of such a monstrous book that shud've been banned coz it wears pple out. Besides scenery from Narnia(the lamp-post) was well-matched and less prolonged than in Lord of the Ring, although the Hobbit's Burrow was beautiful .Even the battle was short and sweet and cud match wits with the War of the Trees in the Lord of The Ring. The guyren are just sugar plum pretty and share some facial features too. Cate Blanchett is brill as the Ice Queen the jury out?
yep, they will be cool... IF they don't mess it up.. coz normally the sequels turn out to be worse than the first one
Care package to mail bride (best friend) to mellow her stress while planning wedding and on wedding day?
I want to put together two packages for my best friend who is getting married this summer. I want to send her one in the next couple of months that will help her chill out while stressing over the wedding. (I live a few states away)
Some ideas I have for the planning package are:
- Advil
- Mini bottle of alcohol
- Movie ticket
- Facial mask

Some ideas I have for the wedding day package are:
- mini bottle of hairspray
- oil-blotting sheets

Any other ideas? All are helpful! Thanks!
This is really sweet of you! For the planning package I recommend, a scented candle, bubble bath, maybe a gift certificate to get pampered somewhere (massage, nails-I'm not sure how much you're wanting to spend here), chocolate, a celeb magazine, etc. For the wedding day package: tiny sewing kit, clear nail polish, dental floss, granola bar to snack on, breath mints/gum, maybe another mini bottle of alcohol if she can take a joke! Hope this helps and you are a great friend!
Which tweezer would be best for removing men's facial hair lol?
So im a guy (dont ask why my avatar is a happened 3 days ago or whatever) and I hate stubble so I tweeze every single hair on my face. Well...I lost my tweezers so I need new ones. =[

Should I get slant tweezers, pointed tweezers, or pointed slant tweezers? I heard that the pointed slant tweezers were hard to use though.………

I know its time consuming but i REALLY REALLY hate stubble on me. l normally tweeze on movie nights when Im just sitting there for a couple of hours watching a movie lol. It takes 2 movies to pluck my whole face. and im not waxing because im not going to wait for my facial hair to grow so that its long enough to be waxed. so which twwezers woudl be best for tweezing men's facial hair. THERES A LOT OF HAIR lol.
Get the 2nd one, the needle looking thing haha
What style works best for my facial features?
Im in desperate need of a new hairstyle and haircut.
But I need opinions from new people!

I also need ideas on makeup for a dinner & movie date friday :)
I plan on wearing a dark grey top with layered necklaces and black shorts.

Any ideas or comments help :)


My hair looks a couple shades lighter in these pictures :/
Either straighten your hair or get big ringlet curls in your hair. Hope this helped
Who do you think were the best actors in the Twilight movie?
I think Jasper's facial expresions were priceless =)
And Robert Pattinson was brilliant as Edward
Even Charlie was good!
What do you think?
I think Jasper Hale and Edward Cullen are just gorgeous :]
I think everyone was great in the movie, they were perfect for the roles. My favorite characters are Alice, Jasper, Esme, Carlise ( SP ), and Edward.

Answer mine?…
Why don't they make movies like The Lord Of The Rings anymore?
Sure the three films are 50% special effects but it's loaded with great acting from great actors.

And also the journey scenes with Frodo and Sam are too gay but the films are still the best regardless of the gay scenes.

One thing though, the facial prosthetics John Rhys-Davies wore on all three films do look pretty tacky and ridiculous.

Film review brought to you by No Name.
I have never watched Lord of the Rings....seriously.
If Johnny Depp isn't the best actor ever then who is and why?
To me he is the best because:
1)Change his accent and tone in every movie.
2) Has done basically all kind of genres.
3)Don't care if he look ugly or stupid
4)don't use fake or exaggerated facial expressions
5)he don't follow the stereotypes for his characters
6)He can humanize and make "bad guys" likeable
And sooo many other things i can go forever ...(notice... I didn't even mention the obvious)
Go ahead... tell me who you prefer and why
I'm not sure what the question is - so I'll answer this one:

Why do you think that Johnny Depp is one of the best actors?

I think that the reason is the I want to see actors that are different in every movie. For example, I think Julia Roberts is a great actress, but she basically plays Julia Roberts, in almost every movie she is in.

Johnny Depp, on the other hand, is so different in every movie.

Take a look at

He even looks different. I believe that this is because of the fantasy that all of us have, that we can change our lives and be someone else. Johnny Depp is able to do that, and that makes him a great actor.
Facial masks???????????????????
ok does anyone kno how to make a home made facial mask? ya kno the ones in like movies & evryting? there green but not made oujt of ovacoado. they like dry & stuff. yea. lol. thanks! best answer gets 10 points.
That's a mud mask or mint julep mask. You cannot make them at home unless you have a cosmetic grade clay or mud. The best thing to do would be to buy one. Look in the skin care isle at your local drugstore, there's a mint julep clay mask by queen Helene that's pretty good. Otherwise MD Formulations makes a acne healing clay mask, or you could visit Sephora or Ulta for more options.
Best Friend Is Really Close To My Ex?
I dated this guy for 5 months, but I broke up with him about a month ago because I was going through a lot of stuff and he was too much of a flirt for me (2 seperate reasons). I kept getting mad at him for stupid things and breaking up, but I felt bad, so last month I ended it for good. I'm not trying to get back with him, but here's the problem. Last year when me and my ex first started dating, me and my best friend were really close! But I'm guessing that's because we had every class together. At that time she didn't have any classes with my ex, they talked, but barely.

This year, me and her only have two classes together, but she has two classes with my ex. She's still extremely nice, hasn't changed around me at all, but she's really close to him. At first I was just like "Oh, whatever. They're just getting to know each other better.", but then they made plans for the movies.. But they swore they were only going as friends. Even so, my friend's boyfriend (Yes, she had a boyfriend who was actually best friends with my ex, which is why they asked us out on the same day.. But that's history) broke up with her for being too close with my boyfriend (at the time) and now him and my ex hate each other. I got kind of jealous, but I didn't show it until two days ago when I heard he was going to ask her out and she was already planning on saying yes. I got really pissed at my friend. So pissed that as I was walking down the hallway and my friend ran up to me (my ex right by her side) and said "Good morning!!" with a huge smile the next day, I gave her AND my ex a really mean glare (not an immature one, more like 'I can't believe you guys') and walked off. My friend yelled "What did I do?" in a really worried tone and my ex's facial expression was like 'Oh no. I f*cked up.'

Turns out the whole thing was just to make me jealous, so I'd go back out with my ex. (Remember he still likes me) I forgave my friend, but I secretly still hate her. And my ex-boyfriend gave a HUGE apology. I didn't really accept it, and I told him that what he did ruined any chances of us getting back together, but he still texts me.

Do you think I was right to be mad? And could you give me anymore advice? Thanks.
I'd be mad too. Who cares if it was "just to get you jealous"? If she was a good friend, she would never do that to you! Still be friends with her, but be careful what you tell her and having her around future boyfriends, because she could cause more problems down the line. As for your ex, he sounds like an immature idiot. Continue to blow him off and avoid him, and no matter what you do, don't get back with him! I wouldn't even answer his texts.
I really like my best friend's mom and I want to tell her how I feel?
So I'm 16, and one of my best friend's is 16 and...He has the most beautiful mom in the world, (he is adopted and she is not really his blood parent) but she is basically his mom since he was like 3. Shes only like 30 and shes an actress who plays in small not really popular movies but she was in like 2 that were real popular. I really envy him.

I go to their house alot, and I look alot older than my age (19-20ish) am able to get into most bars without question,I'm confident with my looks, I have a great body and many great facial features, I've been weightlifing naturally since I was 13 (3 years) 6 days a week and never miss.....I talk to his mom alot, and she is a single mom doesn't have a boyfriend or anything and we joke around alot and sometimes she sort of teases me because she knows I like her!!She's even slapped my butt before because she said I had a cute bum..She doesn't really act like a mom really, she just acts like any girl like other friends I know and she's real fun to be with we've done alot. My friend knows, he doesn't really care because they're more friends with eachother than anything else.

So Is it possible, how can I even make out with her ONCE, if it is even possible I can sleep with her? Even 1 kiss would make the whole world to me.The closest thing physically Ive ever done was probably cuddle with her as friends one day at her house when we were watching this comedy after we got back from skiing and I fell asleep on her But thats really it

I really want to tell her how I feel, what should I expect? What do you think can happen, is it even possible anything that I thought of can happen??

Lets take my age, out of the whole story...Her name is lauren german and ,she's the coolest older chick in the world, and easily the most beautiful girl I've ever known in my life.
Stifler's Mom! baaaahahaha

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