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Who believes in spanking your guys when other forms of disipline fail to correct them?
If anyone ever saw the TV show "Supernanny" you'll know what I'm talking about, some of those guys have no respect for their parents and could really use a good spanking. It's a shame not enough parents do that today or we wouldn't have so many bad guys today. I don't mean using a belt or leaving bruises or whelt marks, but just a firm spanking on the butt with your hand to let them know who's boss.
My oldest is 19,my youngest is 5.I have five daughters in all and I've always tried to use other forms of discipline first.All guyren are individuals,which means that some do not require spanking.I've always viewed spanking as a last resort,and when I do have to use it,I never do it in anger,I ask my guy if they understand what they've done and let them explain it to me.I also believe that it shouldn't be used to hurt the guy,but instead to get their attention so that they can be spoken to and the problem can be resolved.It is also important to note that only severe situations require spanking a guy,and the best form of communication is consistency.
I have been naughty and need a spanking. Could someone tell me how I get one?
I am 24, 5 ft 4, blond and a very nice bottom that could use a firm hand.
If you log into, and search for spanking in the men seeking women topic, you will find a lot of men who would enjoy tanning your backside. For your own safety, arrange to meet first in restaurant or other public place to make sure the spanker is safe. Even better, get a girlfriend to "chaperone."
Write out what you need to have done to you, including the implment to be used, whether marks can be left and a safeword.
I would suggest you tell him/her that you need to be sent outside to cut a switch and have him/her wear it out on you bottom and thighs.
Spanking as discipline?
Hello,My name is Sarah,I am 26,have been married to my wonderful husband Sam for 5 years and we have a wonderful 4 year old son Matt.
Lately Matt has become very routy and mischevious,we have been using times outs but these are becoming less effective,we have never spanked Matt but Sam firmly believes that he should start spanking Matt to control the behavior,Sam said he would use only his hand and spank Matt moderately and firmly,but I am undecided on Sam spanking him.
Neither Sam or I were ever spanked as guyren,and have no clue as to the effectiveness of spankings.
We would like other's opinions on this please.
We have never even seen a guy get spanked,so could anybody tell me what a young boy's responses are during a spanking and what are the worst case scenario responses of a young boy to a moderate firm spanking?
Thanks for the help,
Spanking works because your guy fears you. If that is something you can live with, then that is a choice only you can make.

I don't think it flat out ruins a guy's life (I was spanked and I survived), but it boils down to disciplining by fear, pain & humiliation.

I think there are better methods.
When all else fails, what do you think of spanking (with hand, not beating) a 7 yr old?
My son has gotten very rude lately. He demands instead of asking for things and often doesn't say thank-you. He says kind of mean things to his younger cousins, sometimes. Then worst of all, yesterday, he told one of his best friends that he "hated" that guy's mom because she is so "mean" with her rules. My son has always been so polite and well behaved. Is this just a stage he is going though or I'm I not being firm enough with him? When he misbehaves, I usually respond with sitting him down to talk about what he did wrong, then taking away video game time, ect. Or making him do extra light house hold chores, like helping me fold towels and rags or dust. (He has a few age level chores to do weekly anyway) I've tried time outs as well. Nothing is working. Any ideas? On a side note..he is going though some tough issues with his father having tottaly abandoned us, so maybe this is emotional acting out? I hate to spank him unless he really needs it, but I have fould a few good swats with my hand though his undies seems to work wonders for at least a few days at least. Is this wrong of me?
I am pro spanking, but only as a last-resort and as you have tried alternative methods i think spanking is a good option and it is definitely not wrong of you. However, unlike another post i think that it should only be on the backside and in private. Most guyren around the age of 7 and 8 start pushing the limits a bit and you need to come down hard on this. Your son is probably a bit upset about his father and i think that it is important that you sit down and talk to him, letting him know that you love him and will always be there for him. Be honest with him about the situation but try and avoid using words such as 'abandoning us' because that will only have a negative affect.
good luck
Is giving my dog a slight but firm spank abuse?
No other methods have worked besides that. I don't use anything other than my hand, and I don't do it hard. It doesn't hurt her. It just startles her.

My cousin and Uncle tell me i'm abusing her?
It it?
No, I don't think you are abusing her! You want to use the least degree and amount of force/discipline as possible, especially physical, but you MUST use enough to be effective every single time.

When my German Shepherd misbehaves, (she was 4 when I got her) I usually give her a quick pinch on the back of her neck and say No!, quiety but urgently. If she needs more, I put my arm over the back of her neck(as a dominant dog would) and hold it there till she gets the point.

But two or three times, I have reacted so quickly that I yelled NO and smacked her on the rump before I had a chance to think. For her, that is a little too strong and she briefly cringes and looks panicky.

When my pit bull was younger, the yell and the smack and the dominance were barely enough. Now she is 3, and responds to the gentle urgent No, and nothing else is needed.

You will get there soon!
What is so wrong with spanking a guy? Please give your opinion (politely).?
I feel that this is the reason the guyren this day in time are so unruly and disrespectful. No I do not agree with beating a guy, but a firm hand, and determined parent produce a well behaved guy.
My parents spanked me, and it didn't scar me for life. If anything, I turned out better for it, knowing that to this day my dad will NOT hesitate to bend me over his knee and whoup my as.s if I do something so out of line that he would actually spank me. Guess what, he hasn't had to spank me in years. Why? Because I knew that I did something awful enough to warrent it, and I never did it again. And people who say it raises the guy to think hitting people is acceptable is bullcrap. If it raises the guy to think hitting is acceptable, it was abuse to begin with and the parent has failed in their duty to be a parent. I understand the difference between simply acting out and hitting someone and discipline. I did then, and I do now.

The key is to only use it as a last measure, and to not use it while they're too young to understand why they're being spanked. Say your 8 year old gets sent home for stealing from another guy. That deserves a spanking. They're old enough to know that stealing is wrong. An F on a report card, however, does not deserve a spanking, because clearly there's another issue that in and of itself does not merit such punishment.

Folks, welcome to the real world. When done appropriatly and for the appropriate reasons, a spanking goes a long way. It's when it gets out of hand that it's not acceptable.

I definitly agree with the statement that if you're too much of a coward to spank your guy, you're going to be picking them up from jail or picking your own *** up off the floor when they knock you out. My cousin is an excellent drug addicted example with a criminal record a mile long of what goes wrong with Dr. Spock's guy raising when you don't spank them when necessary. But wait, there's more! My other cousin was raised with spankings and she's a wonderful mother of two? Maybe three now? guyren with a loving husband.
Why do white mothers avoid being strict and have a firm hand with their guy's?
Like on Supernanny, Dr. Phil, and every single T.V. show. Is about a white woman with guyren hitting them, crying in the store, not wanting to go to sleep, doing what they please, and the mother doing as the guy pleases. I've seen this in real life too. I have never seen African-American woman, Hispanic woman, Asian woman in T.V. show like these, and in real life if the guy is misbehaving, temper tantrums, doing as they please, and not following orders they'll give the guy a spank and be strict to them which works a lot more than a time out. When I have my guy's if they misbehave, embarrassed me in public, and not follow my orders I'll spank them too.
I don't know where those people come from, but Super Nanny, and especially Dr.Phil could learn a lot from my mom-she was more like the The Tiger Mother and we are not Chinese.
How can I be more firm with our daughter?
We have one guy-an 8-year-old daughter. My husband gets a little irritated with me, because he says I do not enforce my authority with our daughter like I have the authority to do. With my husband, our daughter is generally told once and she KNOWS to do it and she does it. She likes to "play me" on the other hand. For example, right now she is wanting all this make-up and her father said no. I, of course, can not over-ride what her father said, but she waits until her father is not here and tries to "win with me" her cases. She knows better then to do this and I HATE arguing with her, because she does not respect me and has called me names, because I would not "plead her case" to her father. I know I should be more firm. I try to put an end to debating with her, by saying, " I am going to tell your father." That used to work, but now, it doesn't. Okay, I never do tell her father, though, I should, but I don't, because I do not want her to get a spanking. Any suggestions?
I think you need to get on the same page as your husband. You said he carries the respect around the house, why? because he loves his daughter and is not afraid to give her the tough love as well (spanking).

You sound like a loving mom, your daughter loves you too, but you only have one side (the loving side). To be a complete parent you need to work on your stern side. You need to support your husband when he lays down the law with her, if she has earned a spanking, you must be side by side with him to show your daughter that you support the decision that has been made and help stress that these behaviors need to stop. OK get ready. You also need to be doing some of the spankings your self. Your daughter is 8, you still have a chance to establish your authority before it's to late. I would say get together with your husband and work on a plan for your daughter, come up with some core rules which can NEVER be broken, if they are then a spanking is the result.

As for the spanking, If you don't make is a bad experience don't bother doing them. I would say make sure to pull down pants and panties, place them over your laps, and give them at least a dozen or more good sharp stinging spanks to the bottom. It's OK for guyren to be crying hard after a good spanking, that's the way it's suppose to be. You don't need a paddle, we don't use one, that's just not our choice, I would start with just using your hand

Good parenting means backing each other up, not undermining each other. If you know that your husband would spank her for a certain behavior, then you should back up his word and do it your self. Never wait until he comes home. Don't let your daughter divide you, show her a united front, she will learn what strong family values are all about.

Good Luck
Why don't parents discipline their guys anymore with spanking?
We have seen what it has caused. Kids these days are spineless and require the assistance of their parents to survive (they stay with their parents until they are 30+). Why I owned 3 different houses by the time I was 18 in my day and I was spanked. Spanking builds character. It is a firm hand that ensures the youth don't do what they did wrong again. Kids these days are less intelligent, less resourceful, and less self reliant than ever before since spanking has become far less commonplace.

I was disciplined with the hand and as such I have a valid point on this topic.
Because when you spank a guy, it teaches them how to take a beating. How to handle being hit. If anything spanking breaks a guy's character down, it does not improve it.

I have had 6 guyren.
My oldest is 25..has 3 guyren...a 4 bedroom home. Great job.
My daughter is 21. Getting her criminal justice degree this yr.
Son 18 in the US army. Due to be deployed to Afghanistan in August.
Daughter who is 15. Severely delayed with multiple disabilities. But she tries really hard in life.
Daughter who is 13. Straight A student, who started he own non-profit in our county to help homeless guys.
Son 1. Hasn't been around

NONE of my guys were hit. Personally I think all my guys are a success. Only my 15, 12 and baby live with us. So your premise fails on that account as well.

I am sorry if you were spanked as a guy. No guy deserves to be hit. But somewhere someone has to step up to the plate and break the cycle of guy abuse. I did. So can you.

Women, do you hate your father for spanking you as a guy?
I don't mean beating/abusing, I mean a firm pop on the bottom with hand or other corporal punishment utensil when you were out of line. And not out of anger either (i.e. he did not come at you screaming, cussing, and yelling while spanking you).
no, i love my dad

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