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What site can i find free home movies episodes?
Ive looked everywhere and all i can find is like 1 or 2 episodes on one site. Any Help ?
You can the box set free using gaming lagoon
Its fast and easy…
This article explains it all
Where can i download Michael Jackson Private Home Movies for free?
I love them so much and i would like to have them on DVD. What website lets you download this for free with no strings attatched :)
There is a quick, easy way of downloading ANY video from You Tube for free! You can find all parts of the home movies on You Tube (I'll put the links at the bottom). All you need is something called "You Tube Downloader". Just follow the link I've put below and you'll have your video in no time. Just download the link from the web page (it only takes a couple of minutes) and open "You Tube Downloader" from your computer. You will see an empty box. Find your video on You Tube and copy the link from the page of the video you want. Then, paste this link in the empty box I mentioned (sometimes it does it for you). Then just click OK and it will download the video to your desktop (or wherever you want to save it to). You can then watch the video on your computer as much as you like or drop it into iTunes and have it on your iPod (if you have one of course) or put it onto DVD if you like. You can also download the video in MP3 format to just listen to. I use this all the time and I know it works because I have the home movies on my iPod (as well as hundreds of other Micheal Jackson videos and short films! You should also watch the Oprah interview if you haven't seen it). This is also a faster solution then many other options and you can download as many videos you want. I really recommend it so I hope this helps you. :)

Download "You Tube Downloader" here:

These are all parts of the home movies -

Part 1 -…
Part 2 -…
Part 3 -…
Part 4 -…
Part 5 -…
Part 6 -…
Part 7 -…
Part 8 -…

Have Fun!
What is a good free movie editing program so i can edit my home movies and post them on youtube?
ive tried windows movie maker and i always get an error message sayin the file has to many firing points so anything that is better than that thank you
Photobucket is a great web based and FREE editing tools. The software behind it comes from Adobe who make some of the best commercial ($$$) photo and video editors. If you need/want more features downloading VideoSpin or VideoThang are great options. Still free, but you have to download the software. For under $100 you can buy Adobe Premiere Elements.
Free program to add music to home movies?
Is there a free program that i can add music to home movies? My computer will not run windows movie maker so dont say that.
If you know that the sound track will fit perfectly into the video then I recommend using VirtualDub. It will only add a soundtrack to a video and only if it's in .wav format. But I strongly believe this isn't what you want... the links below is what your looking for.
What's a good easy to use website that hosts video for you for free? Like if I want them to store home movies?
I make home movies on my digital camcorder. I'd like to store them on the internet, also so people can link to them and watch them. What's a good, easy to use website that stores your video for free?
Check out free unlimited storage and bandwidth.
Does anyone know of a free DVD burning program that I can burn my home movies to DVD?
I am looking for a free program that will allow me to burn my home movies from my computer onto DVD...I used to use Nero Vision Express but I can not find anywhere to download it...if anyone can help me out with this, it would be muchly appreciated.
Where to download free movies?stomp the yard home coming?
hey can u give me a site/link to download Stomp the Yard Homecoming for free, can be torrent or from megaupload, rapidshare. tnx!
go here:

its totally free and virus free..

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