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Our hidden camera catches the chick drying her wet slit after taking a shower

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All Comments

What site has the most hidden shower camera videos?
Just looking for a site.
now that's just wrong.
If you discovered a hidden camera in your shower................?
Would you scream or perform
or think of how to get even?
I'd be livid.
Do you ever feel like there is a hidden camera on your shower head..?
I always feel like that
Guess i'm just paranoid o.O
Not on mine, no, but yours is my favorite show! :D
Hidden camera in the shower?
is it possible? and then sum1 puts the videos on the internet what would you do?
This is possible, but very hard to do without someone else knowing about it. Plus these secret cameras are 200-300 dollars, alot of money for a prank. If it is on the internet and you want it off, you can press charges.
If you found a hidden camera in your shower............?
.........That was being broadcast onto the Internet?

What would you do?
I'd give them a show they wouldn't forget, and hope for some of the kickback money they're making off of it!!! I understand there is a lot of cash to be made by these "sites" !!! LOL!!!
How common is hidden camera crime in the us?
i have read an old news about a male landlord put a hidden camera in a female resident's bathroom in his apartment in the us several years ago.
I have also heard that some hidden cameras were found at a female shower room in some college dorms.

How commin is hidden camera crime in the us?
You often hear about those crimes?
In public, always act like there is a camera watching you, because, these days, there probably is. When you rent, you just never know what your landlord has done. Smoke detector? are you sure?
Do women's shower at the have hidden camera?
If they do , I will report to FCD.
ok good do it if u find 1
When I was taking a shower I noticed a camera well hidden, what should I do?
I just glanced at it and acted like I never saw it. I live alone. In my house.
Well take it out coz it's likely left by previous occupier...LOL ♥
Is it WRONG to put a hidden camera in the bathroom?
i think my sexy babysitter might be stealing from me. the bathroom is where i keep my money. im thinking of setting up the camera to face the terlit and shower. she sometimes showers in my house. i have no reason to suspect her of stealing since nothing is missing, but im thinking of doing this just to make sure.

1) There's these things called BANKS. Try opening up an account and putting your money there.

2) You want to secretly film your "sexy babysitter" It could not be more wrong, you may end up in a cell with a man named Bubba who wants to be really friendly.

3) If the babysitter is under 18, well, there's a special hell for folks who abuse or exploit guyren

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