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Where can I buy large breasted but slimmer bodied lingerie?
I'm size 38G bust (UK) but size 16 body. If I get size 16 lingerie, my boobs don't fit and if I get to fit my chest, it is too big in the body! Any ideas where I can buy lingerie to suit, preferably online, and shippable to the UK.
Impressive :) Try this site Hope it helps.
Does Victoria Secret Lingerie run small or large?
I'm 5'3'' about 118 Ibs. I'm an 32-34A cup and i am afraid the top will be too big in a small and in an X-small I'm afraid the bottom might be too tight. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)
they should have measurements on the website. measure yourself and see what size you should get.
Husband if you found a stash of lingerie that wasn't yours and was a size large, what do you think you might d?
Or say? Would you blame it on water weight?
If you thought they might somehow belong to your wife would you just kind of pretend you never found them ?
ROFLMAO.. don't stay away so long next time.. :)
Where can I buy lingerie by bra size, not just small, medium, large sizes?
I am fairly large-chested (38DD or 36E), but have a fairly small waist. I have been trying to find a store with something cute that fits me, but I haven't been having any luck. Most stores sell just S, M, L, or XL. The XL still don't fit my chest, but the rest of it hangs off me...I need to find a store that sells by bra size or something. Does such a place exist? For women in the same situation, do you have any other suggestions?
I would suggest finding someone to make items for you - that's really the only way to ensure the best (and most flattering) fit.

This website will custom-make almost anything for you - if you don't see something listed that you want, just ask them! They've been SO helpful for our family.…
Where can I find lingerie to fit me? Small waist, large breasts?
I wear a size 5 pants and I have 38 DD (and they are real, just so you know ). I can't find anything sexy to wear! Everything that fits my waist squishes my breasts and everything that fits up there is loose around my waist! Any help??
There is nothing better for a female than having a small waist and large breasts ( real is even better). I would say Frederick's of Hollywood and Victoria Secret should solve your problem.
I'm a large breasted woman looking for bridal lingerie?
My bra size is 14 J (yes naturally). Australian sizes.
Is there such a thing as a type of low back strapless/convertible bra/corset to fit my size/shape?
Yes, there are several low back styles available. I'd recommend They have a great selection at affordable prices. Another great place is……
Ladies if you found a stash of lingerie that wasn't yours and was a size large, what do you think you might do?
Would your reaction be any different if you had a great relationship versus a marginal one?
Obviously I wouldn't be happy about him having an affair but if he like to put some lingerie on and walk around and still be a great boyfriend then why not as long as everyone is happy.
Which stores sell large cup lingerie?
According to measurement charts I have 46G (or F for Britain), but some show I have 46I. Either way, I ordered a bra in 46G from Ebay, but it still seems to be too small for me. Where can I find actual physical (not on-line) stores (and what are the names of the stores you know) that carry such sizes (and larger) for me to be able to try them on in person before buying them. Would help if the staff at the stores is actually knowledgeable and would help me, but even if it's a store where I have to do the fitting/checking it would be better than the options I have now...
Lane Bryant is amazing but only carries up to DD in the store I learned while pregnant. Nowhere (sorry but I looked and looked during pregnancy bc I got up to a 42G and still wanted to be cute) carries that size in the store. I like and I know you want physical stores but there aren't any that carry those sizes. :] As long as you follow the size measurements they should be comfy. I like the Balconette from Cacique and there is a tee shirt bra at Hips and Curves that is very comfortable and they also have cute cute ones in large sizes.
Sexy lingerie for the large chested?
I am trying to find a sexy outfit to wear on Valentine's day. I have found lots of stuff I like, but none of it will fit. I am a size 36G but I am otherwise thin, all the things I've found for big breasted women are plus sized and all the things I've found in my dress size are for like a c cup. If anyone has and suggestions I would love you forever!!!!
How about a sexy bra and panty set with a matching sheer robe?

All the stuff in your dress size for the c-cups is probably trying to make the c-cups look bigger. You've already got the real deal and don't need that!
Large bridal lingerie?
Where can I find things that will fit me? I wear a 4x usually...……………………


Found more at amazon, while looking for something else!-…………
I''m the same size as you, and think I'll do some shopping on this site!
Good luck!

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