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What was the tv show called that had a lesbian ghost and a blonde girl for main characters?
it was years ago but i remember there being a lesbian ghost who looked like kelly osborne-ish with black hair and a blonde girl who got woo-ed by i think it was a vampire or something of that nature
Was it Buffy the Vampire Slayer?
Did anyone notice that majority of lesbian couples are blonde/brunette combo?
...or any shade of dark hair/light hair...I find that cute and wonder why is there such a pattern. Any thoughts? Are the brunettes more in charge and the blondes the humorous ones? What do you think.
err not really. I'm a redhead and the girl I'm seeing has pure black hair with a pink streak through it :P

and my friend is has dark blonde hair and her gf has light blonde hair.

Although when you think about it, there aren't that many hair colours out there and the most common are brown and blonde, so i suppose that has a lot to do with it.
When a blonde lesbian and a brunette lesbian are doing it, which would you rather see being dominant ?
the brunette could be asian or hispanic
If the brunette was white, brunette, but otherwise blonde.
Does every asian and black lesbian prefer blonde women?
I`m blonde girl with pretty face and slim body type. I have found often that asian and black lesbians are just crazy about me. Everyone of them has been said to me that they want girlfriend like me. Black lesbians allways wants to be bigger than their caucasian girlfriends, it`s not difficult because black women are anyway bigger and much stronger. Asian lesbians prefer their blonde girlfriends to be taller and weight less, this is also happen often as I remember typical asian woman height to be about 155 cm and weight about 75 kg. I`m 167 cm and weight 50 kg, so you can see the difference.

I`m of course very flattered about these womens interest, but sometimes I feel it little bit too sexist. Beautiful blonde woman is cherry of the cake of course, but can`t you asian and black women think something else than sex when you meet a pretty blonde girl who fits your dreams? So I`m asking is every one of you asian and black lesbians like that?
The key word which makes it easy to answer your question is every and the answer to your question is no. In this world you should know by now that not everyone grouped together whether by gender or ethnicity believe or want the same things. Do some asian and black women prefer blonds? Sure, the key word there is some but every asian and black women don't get full of yourself. There are some who prefer their own race, each other, brunettes, latinas, anything but one of these listed, and like myself there are many who could care less if you get my drift. Maybe if you bring your ego down a bit someone could like you for your personality and would see more than just sex when they meet. By the way i'm neither of these ethnic groups that you listed but I have friends who are and it just takes common sense to answer it.
Blonde hair, blue eyes? Lesbian/straight?
I have asked the question of whether blue eyed blondes get more male attention. The answers I am getting seem to say yes we do. In my experience, I seem to get much more attention from men than do my darker haired girlfriends. The problem is that I am lesbian and I am wondering if lesbians have this blonde blue eyed preference as well because I don't seem to do as well with women. Ironic, huh? What do you think?
I have blonde hair and blue eyes and I get hit on by men and women all the time. I actually think that lesbian women have more of a body preferance than men do!
Are more natural blonde's bisexual/lesbian/open-minded?
This is a stupid generalisation I know but seriously all the hot natural blonde's always seem to be at least bi curious. Me and my friends met these swedish girls on holiday and they were saying how their country is so open to lesbians and everything and look how many natural blonde's live there.
i have no clue,

but my natural hair color is a sandy blonde =]]
Blonde joke.............A Blind Man walks into a Lesbian bar by mistake.......................…
On approaching the bar he pulls up a stool and asks the bartender for a drink of scotch. Then he says do you want to hear a really funny blonde joke?

Quickly the female to his left says, "Sir as you are blind and all I think it is only fair that I warn you.........I am a blonde biker and this is a lesbian bar" and I can give you good reasons why you shouldn't tell that joke here!

The Blind man says "ok" "please go ahead and tell me why".

The biker replies “the bartender is also a blonde woman who keeps a baseball bat behind the bar”.

“The woman to my left is blonde and a black belt in Karate”.

“There is a female to your right who is a professional wrestler and also a blonde”.

Now, knowing this do you still want to tell that blonde joke in this bar?

The gentleman stops and thinks for one second then replies,

No, No you are quite right...................................… I don’t want to explain it 4 times!
poor blind man i know they kicked his *** lol good joke
What is the name of the lady gaga song about the strawberry blonde?
my friend says there is a lady gaga song about a strawberry blonde girl that is lesbian, but ive never heard it. what is it called?
There is no Lady GaGa song that has strawberry blonde. You must mean Lavender Blonde. "I love that lavender blonde The way she moves The way she walks"

Name: So Happy I Could Die
Artist: Lady GaGa
Album: The Fame Monster
Track Number: 7
Year: 2009

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