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How old should babies be when starting to use jumpers and swingers?
My mom wants to get my two month old nephew a jumper. I think that he doesn't have strong enough leg muscles yet, though a swinger he might use?
I wanted to get my son a jumper but had to wait until he made 4 months, the swings are different he used that when he was about 2 1/2 weeks old.
How do I remove old wall paper?
My closet is ugly. Old wall paper. Yuck. I have removed most of the old wall paper but some of the fringes will not come off. What do I do to get off the pieces that stick? One suggestion was to use a wet rag soaked in hot water. That loosened up some of the paper.
What else do you suggest?
Help an old swinger from the sixties out? After all, I was in the Beatles.
Ringo is that you?
There is a tool to scribe tiny holes, this tool actually has three wheels with tiny pins to penetrate the paper in order for the ( Drift ) wallpaper remover solution, to also penetrate beyond the paper. This loosens the glue. Now take a plastic putty knife to scrape the loose paper. Comes off easily.

Materials cost $12.00 for all.
I would do this for a small job.
What was the name of the vid that featured on rudetube of the old guy doin a funny dance in a swingers holiday?
it was a vid that started with an interview and then the guy just starts dancing
The Hedo Rick video, also known as ''Rippin and the tearin''

If you saw it on rudetube then there's a chance you can't watch it on youtube because Channel4 consider it their content so they block it to UK viewers.
Gotta love Channel4 and their 1990's attitude to video distribution :(
Older swingers...How often do you play your music nowadays, the type that makes you?
Want to dance, Rock and Roll or even waltz!
Oh! all the time Tom, Mrs GB and I love a quick smooch round the kitchen! GRIN***
What kind of parent takes her 16 year old daughter to a swinger's party?
what kind of parent takes her 16 year old daughter to a swinger's party?
an AWESOME one!!!
Why do you always see old people in documentaries about swingers?
I'm 23... my husband & I have been swinging for a few years now & there are some "experienced" couples at some of the bigger parties we go to... but there's also tons of young & really attractive people.
Every time I see documentaries on "The Lifestyle" the only people speaking to the camera without their faces & voices being scewed are 50+.
What's with that?
Usually those are te people that have become comfortable and confident with themselves, their partners and their relationships. These are also the people that have matured mentally, emotionally and spiritually to relax and allow themselves to "put down" the usual social mores and stigmas placed on these activities by organized religions and other groups. Younger people often have to be concerned with being publically recognized as many corporations have moral turpitude clauses in their employment guidelines, thus they have more to lose (the older people are usually "grandfathered" in and never have to sign these agreements). Just my guess on the subject.
How do I politely decline a swingers party invitation from my elderly neighbours?
I can't just say it's not our thing because they know we're swingers but I'm NOT into old people. Well, maybe some but not all. I don't want to hurt their feelings because they're really nice people. Any ideas? Thanks!
Are swinger parties all old people or are their young ppl too?
my frined (a girl ) invited me to a swinger party, she havent been to one before either and she wants to check it out and dont want to go by herself. i'm kinda curious but not sure what to expect last thign i wat to see is some old lady wiht saggy t!Ts and a wrinkled @ss banging
It'll depend on the party. I've been to ones where most are under 30, ones where most are 30-40, and there are some 50+ and up.

Not MANY swingers (or, successful ones, anyway) are under 30 because swinging in a relationship requires an emotional stability, maturity, and rock-solid relationship that people under 30 rarely have. It's one of the reasons why there are many older swingers.

Ask your friend what age group to expect.

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