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Any peeping toms out there?
now im no wierdo but due to the extreme lack of action in my life i have found it interesting watching others. in a cool way
does any1 know of any sites that have like a big brother cam in peoples houses or r there any codes i can put in my phone to listen to phone calls i mean come on u know if u hear the nieghboors arguing u want to listen!! i just like that rush of seeing or hearing people and they dont know they r being watched etc... that why i want to be an investigator for the cia or a private company! also any cool games on the web where i can solve crimes or commit 1 and try to hide. like on BBC where they had to train P.I.'s anyone please give me some great info id love it
thanx p.s. chicago is the greatest city in the world!!
ha-ha this is a different question i must say... I'm sure if you typed peeping tomb into any search engine it will give you all the info you need.... and for the games i know its not a net game but what about grand theft auto? that's a good game to commit crimes in...
Why do i get random webcam invites from my g/f's Yahoo Mesenger? This is the second time in a month.?
First time, it caught her with her pants down (she just came back into her room from the shower but had underwear on). The second time was tonight about an hour ago, i know she was at work. Im just wondering if a hacker is tooling around with her cam or has some kinda trojan for the cam on her laptop.. Im concerned that some sick peeping tom hacker might be broadcasting her cam and i dont want it broadcast all over the internet! We live 3000 miles apart right now, so the cam is as good as it gets for the moment. So if Yahoo Messenger has a security "hole" where the cam can be exploited without the users permission, id really like to know so i can find a better, more secure service for the webcam calls me and her make.
Its possible to exploit a webcam if the user had this setting made "Allow everyone to view my webcam"
It would be pretty random unless they knew the IP address.
If your going to have personal webcam chats just have each others username on your webcam broadcast list and check the box "Ignore other view requests"
There is a lot of clever software out there so it would be foolish to say its 100% safe
Boyfriend watches porn?
Here's where my problem is. I dont mind porn, at all. I'd pretty much prefer my boyfriend to watch porn than to go out and **** any girl he can just because. But i'm a little worried because the only porn that my boyfriend watches is voyeur porn. should i be worried that he is pretty much a peeping tom? in turn it makes me wonder if he peeps in real life you know? and now all he talks about is setting up a camera in our apartment and it makes me wonder if he's trying to peep on me. I also think i have a right to be upset when i found out he was watching girls on web cam. that to me is close enough to cheating. now he wants to get a web cam.... but he doesnt want to talk about it because he said he is embarrassed by the fact he watches porn, and lies to me about watching it. help me please!
Oh, dear, first off, i'm sorry that you have to deal with this. Obviously he only way to let him know how you feel is to talk to him...
I wouldn't allow your boyfriend to get a webcam, obviously you know WHY he wants it, i know that my boyfriend watches porn, and he lies about it too, fact of the matter is...all men watch porn. The thing that really alarmed me is that he wants a webcam, if he's watching other girls on a live webcam, obviously he wants to let them see him too, which like you said, is basically cheating! I wouldn't worry about him being a peeping tom, the voyeur stuff just kind of adds to the excitement i i wouldn't worry too much about that. Hopefully you can let him know how you feel about this without him getting upset with YOU about it...I know that a lot of men say that they feel like their being "trapped" when a girl brings up them watching porn...but they basically put themselves in that position, right? But I would definitely sit down and have a talk with him about how it makes you feel, just try not to embarrass him too much...maybe something like "Hey, you know i'm really not comfortable with you buying a webcam, and I think you know why, while I respect you and trust you, I don't approve of some of the things you've been doing on the computer lately...and for that reason I think that getting a webcam would hurt our relationship."
Hope all this kind of helped, I know how stressful and emotionally exhausting this kind of stuff is, best of luck to you! Hope everything works out!


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