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What is the smallest bikini you have worn?
I just bought a new micro bikini from a store its tiny and pink and really cute. have you worn a tiny bikini or a micro bikini?
Guys, what's the smallest bikini you would want your call to ever wear?
provide a link so we can see what you like us in.
wicked weasel are cool

but i really like brazillian bikinis where they keep wedging up a girls bum

generally something that really shows off a girls ***

booty shorts are cool too

traingle tops are best cause they show the sides of the breast also...very sexy

once they get too small they look abit silly though

some microkinis look pretty stupid

see through is also cool

but the coolest thing of ll is to see confident woman going nude at any beach
What is the smallest bikini u ever saw?
have u seen a bikini so small just to cover the nipple
Yeah, Brazil
Worlds smallest Bikini?
Where is it? By Smallest I mean it covers the least
You want something that covers the least? Its called your birthday suit ;)
What size bikini would make my boobs look larger than they are?
I'm a small 32B
would a large top thats tied well (so i wouldnt flash anybody) make them look larger, or a really tight small bikini?

Also, I'm not very tan, but I'm not pale. What color would make me look tanner? I'm going to old navy

Serious answers only, please it wont help me if you say something rude.
your boobs are going to be the same size no matter what you do. stop trying to make them look bigger and start liking what you have. be happy you have boobs in the first place, and cancer free at that.

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